Economic Revolution

Building a Better World
and Making Big Profits
at the Same Time

The Economic Revolution is a grass-roots movement that empowers average people to profit from the building of sustainable local economies, while promoting more inclusive economic opportunities, personal freedoms, and overall well-being for everyone.

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Become a Profit Powerhouse!

The dedicated “Venture Activists” who choose to be part of this exciting new movement will be richly rewarded with the money, contacts, and influence they'll need to achieve their own goals, which often become part of the movement's broader mission.

“Venture Activists” gain the ability to raise thousands of dollars, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars, to finance their own businesses or causes, using the “Revolutionary Technology” we provide to fund, promote, and manage their ventures.

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The Book

This exciting new movement is based upon the book Economic Revolution by Kerry Power which offers clear instructions for building the new “Sustainable Economy” of the future, which will provide full employment for its participants, all the money entrepreneurs will need to provide these jobs, and lucrative investment opportunities for people at all income levels.

“Can Completely Revolutionize Our Economic System”
      – Taylor Ripp
            International Honor Society of

“Extremely Practical Actions We Can Take On An Individual Level”
      – Todd Rutherford
            “The Publishing Guru”

“A No-Nonsense Approach To Improving Our State of Affairs”
      – Graciela Sholander
            Author of “Dream It Do It”

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Revolutionary Technology

Our Pre-Launch Revolutionaries will receive early access to our “Revolutionary Technology” as beta users, before it is available to the public, including:


Website Portal and associated Public Events that provide a strong public relations campaign to remind people of your commitment to their community

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Super Marketing

The world's most comprehensive and cost-effective Sales and Marketing System, delivered as a “Do-It-Yourself” platform that anyone can easily manage.

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Job Polish

Work Habit Assessments and associated Productivity Training that boosts professional performance and justifies pay raises and promotions.

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Similar to Crowdfunding with an innovative new “Team-Funding” system that quickly raises large sums of money for any purpose.

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Economic Revolution

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